Multi Bladder Shaft

(Series 201)

Multi Bladder Shaft

Multi Bladder Shaft
(Series 201)

The Multi Bladder Shaft is made of Aluminum Extrusion with steel journals Tight -fitted for High Torque capability. It is assembled with a PU tube for longevity.

  • These shafts are strong & rigid
  • Standardized design allow us to manufacture the shaft in any size
  • The same design can be offered for heavy duty to light capability shaft
  • Simple design ensuring a long service
  • Material:

    Pipe : Steel or Aluminum

    Lugs : Steel, Rubber or Plastic

  • Available Size:

    Core ID from 1" to 12”

    Length up to 6000 mm(240")

  • Option:

    Cantilever shaft

    Various size of lug (Gripper) available

    Rotary Union air supply possible

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