Self - Centering Multi Bladder Shaft

(Series 251)


Self - Centering Multi Bladder Shaft
(Series 251)

Basic Structure of Multi Bladder Shaft with special internal valves design to handle Reels much higher Linear Speeds. The shaft is assembled with PU Tube and Hard Rubber Ledges for long life and operation.

  • Internal Separate Valves for Each Tube
  • Shaft can be supplied in Aluminum & Steel as per Requirement
  • Easy Maintenance, if needed.
  • Material:

    Pipe : Normally Aluminum extrusion.

    We use steel pipes in case of heavy duty Application

    Lugs : Rubber, plastic and Aluminum

  • Available Size:

    Core ID : 6” to 12”

    Length up to 3,000 mm (120”)

  • Option:

    Grippers can be offered as per holding requirements

    i.e. rubbers, Engineering Plastic and aluminum.

    We offer one piece steel Body for heavy torque.

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